Odometer adjustment tool for VDO, Denso and Yazaki speedometers


The SFTool is a Windows based stand along programmer designed to access memory of instrument clusters using the following interfaces: a) OBD2; b) Factory diagnostic port on the back of instrument cluster (Denso made only); c) MBus interface by connecting wires directly to the cluster's PCB. The SFTool comes with Denso USB adapter that works as M-Bus interface as well, USB security key (dongle), Denso pogo-pin holder with set of dupont cables and General license. User can buy additional licenses to extend coverage. Convenient connection diagram, built-in HEX editor, content saves with .bin extension, accurate and automatic odometer decoding. Simply use Read/Write buttons to program odometer reading or read the entire content of MCU flash area. EEPROM reading takes 15 seconds! The programmer suitable for newbie and professionals speedometer repair or registered importers shops who converts kilometers to miles. SFTool works with licenses designed for different interfaces. We continuously updating our software adding more vehicles in each license. Our updates are always free for license holders!
Software: SFTool software. The license(s) purchase is required.
Hardware: Denso USB adapter, pogo-pin holders (3-pins and 4-pins), security USB dongle and set of dupont cables.

For advanced users there is an extended version of SFTool with all licenses and free future updates. This version covers EEPROM programming, MCU programming, MBus and OBD2.
Software: "Full software" includes all licenses and SFTool software.
Hardware: Denso USB adapter, OBD2 adapter, pogo-pin holders (3-pins and 4-pins), security USB dongle and set of dupont cables.
# Package Cost
ST001 Mazda (ver. 1) - OBD2 $200
ST002 Hyundai/Kia (VDO) - OBD2 $200
ST003 Mitsubishi - OBD2 $200
ST004 Nissan, Renault, Dacia - OBD2 $200
ST005 Denso - Cluster PINs $300
ST006 Nissan, Infiniti - OBD2 $200
ST007 Toyota - OBD2 $200
ST008 Kia (Yazaki) - OBD2 $200
ST009 Mazda (ver. 2) - OBD2 $200
ST010 Hyundai/Kia (Denso) - OBD2 $200
ST011 Hyundai/Kia - EOL Configuration $200
ST012 Fujitsu/Spansion MCU - PCB points soldering $300
ST013 Subaru OBD2 $200
ST014 GM OBD2 $200
ST015 Hyundai/Kia Denso (no flashing) - OBD2 $200
ST016 Renault KWID - OBD2 $300
ST017 Hyundai S&T Motiv - OBD2 $200
ST029 VDO clusters - MBus $200
ST030 Ford - OBD2 $200

August 26, 2021 SFTool v1.57

   New SFTool comes with latest software. New updates will be emailed to customers free of charge.