Our updates release on timely bases and available to all customers for free download directly from DSP3+ update menu. Note: the only OBD2 and some other types of updates are not free unless you have a package with extended purchased coverage.

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GMC Code Calculator

The GMS vehicles 2017+ require the password to login to the instrumernt cluster in order to write the changes. Our Dec. 2019 update eluminate manual entering of incode/outcode making it automatically with no needs to visit our website for calculation.

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Smelecom development company - world leader in developing an odometer & immobilizer programming equipment since 2000. Our North American office located in Las Vegas and ready to provide you with any information you might need.
It has come to our attention that certain companies other than our official dealers re-selling our tools. Due to their poor knowledge in this field, they unable to offer appropriate support to customers, that is affecting on our reputation. We strongly suggest all customers to buy products from our official dealers for the best support, maintaining future updates and hardware guarantees. Visit our corporate site to check our credentials Smelecom.com
Smelecom provides 1 years standard warranty on all products excluding software. The warranty product is subject to replace. Contact us if you have any issues.
In case you have a technical questions or need troubleshooting please contact help desk staff via Skype "help-desk-smelecom" Mon-Fri 8PM-6AM Eastern Standard Time.