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  Why Buy a Smelecom USA Prog, Data Smart 3+, or DSPIII+ Programmer?  
Odometer Correction:

Odometer/Mileage Correction - Same or next day service in the DFW area, or mail your gauge cluster in. Airbag Rest and Gauge Cluster repair in some cars.

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Payment Option:

USA Prog Standard Package 2 (US Software)- $2880

NOW INCLUDES CODE BOX for SRI-6 and New Ford through OBD


The USA Prog is the best programmer available for US cars although it still programs almost every Japanese and European car. It does most cars by the OBD, and will allow you to program any other car that is not capable of being programmed directly through the OBD port. This program still costs thousands of dollars less then lesser competitors.

The USA Prog Standard Package - The USA Prog Standard Edition includes the following.

  • USA Prog Handheld
  • OBD Plug
  • OBD Cable
  • USB Cable
  • 2GB SD Car with all Photos
  • Cigarette lighter power supply
  • CMM Adapter
  • Custom foam carrying case
  • Disclaimer with your business name
  • Help Desk Support
  • Upgradeable - Software and Hardware
Price: $2880 (normaly $2,920)  
Availability: In Stock In Stock  
Model: USA Prog Standard Edition  
Standard Options:    
Adatpers/Options Included: OBD Adapter, CMM Adapter
Additional Options:  


1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 3M EEPROM SOIC and DIP Test Clips, Wall Power Supply, Resources, C-01 to C-04 plugs

Custom Options Included:  
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Resource DVD
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Disclaimer
  • Support

USA Prog Standard Package - $2880.00

USA Prog Standard

At the link below, you can find a complete list of cars that the standard version and the full version will program. The second to the last column tells you if it is part of the Standard Package that uses the OBD adapter or the CMM Adapter. Check the updates to see addtional cars added that are not on the list.

To see the updates to the car list, CLICK HERE


USA PROG STANDARD is an advanced Hand Held unit specifically designed for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GM, Chevrolet, Ford, Lincoln, Japanese and European cars that can be done vehicles using the OBD port and plugging into the back of the cluster.  USA PROG allows your to write and make odometer corrections and read immo code by OBD2 port on almost all supported vehicles.  This unit replaces the popular USA DASH PROG. Checkout

This programmer includes the OBD VAG PROG STANDARD components for Audi, Volkswagen (VW), Seat, Skoda.

USA PROG allows you to add Optiontal Components and Adapters for additional vehicle coverage including Honda, Harley, Izuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Yamaha, and much more. Checkout the list of cars for more information

For most cars, there are instructions on what to do along with a photo. The screen is an actual video screen so you can see whatever you need to see in order to program the odometer. It comes with a 2GB SD Card that has all of the photos so you can put them on your PC and look at the pictures in a larger view although you can zoom in to the picture on the handheld.


  • Hand-held mileage correction tool
  • Powered by two CORTEX ARM cores
  • Speed up to 200MHZ
  • SD card interface to load and save files
  • USB port for update by Internet
  • 320 * 240 TET LCD with 256K colors
  • Shows pictures and help files in detail on unit
  • Integrates CAN-BUS / J1850 / CCD-BUS / ISO9141 / SPI protocols in one multifunctional interface.

Product Notification Price Included with programmers
Option 1 Software Add on for Audi A3 / TT / R8 07- Upwards
Full Version
Option 2 Software Add on for Audi A4 / A5 / Q5 08 - Upwards
Full Version
Option 3 Software Add on for Audi A6 / Q7 09 - Upwards
Full Version
Option 4 Software Add on for Audi A8 07 - Upwards
Full Version
Option 5 Software Add on for Toureg / Phaeton / Bentley 08 - Upwards
Full Version
Option 6 Eeprom Adapter, Clip 1, and Touch Holder 1 and 2
Special Edition - Full Version
Option 7 Motorola Adapter, Touch Holder 3 and 4
Special Edition - Full Version
Option 8 VW CDC Software, covers all VW that uses Micronas CDC 3217/3297/3272 MCU's
Full Version
Option 9 VW NEC Software, covers all VW that uses NEC MCU's
Full Version
Option 10 Software Add on for VW 9S12XHZ512 09 - Upwards
Full Version
Option 11 Software Add on for VW, Skoda, Seat NEC + 24C64 11 - Upwards
Full Version
RESOURCES - Documenation/Resources/Videos/Graphics/Software and other documentation
Special Edition - Full Version
NDM Adapter
Full Version
C-01, C-02, C-03, C-04 Plugs
Special Edition - Full Version
3M Test Clips - SOIC (surface mount) and DIP Test Clips
Special Edition - Full Version
Power Supply - Interchangeable (wall, cigarette lighter, adapter for powering clusters)
Special Edition - Full Version
  * Shipping is free when purchasing a programmer

USA Prog Special Standard Package 2 (US Software) Contents

Picture Item Description
USA PROG Main Unit
(including SD)
Case Custom Foam Carrying Case

This programmer includes all of the software to program all American and other cars that can be done through the OBD port or with the CMM Adapter. The CMM Adapter allows you to program gauge clusters without taking apart the gauge cluster, allowing you to plug directly into the back of the gauge cluster. The software for all other cars are already included, so when you want to update, you only need to purchase the adapter, or if it is a software addition, you will only need to update your programmer to turn these options on.

d Question and Support Form


Training - I offer onsite training for the USA Prog, USA Prog Special Edition, DSPIII+, and the Tacho Pro. I can fly onsite or you can travel to the DFW area to train. I can also offer hardware that can help you practice on some of the hardware and EEPROMs and other things you will run into.

USA Prog Special Edition
About Smelecom US  

I have been programming digital odometers locally for 8 years locally, and I recently became an authorized seller of Smelecom hardware including the USA Prog, VAG Prog, the Data Smart, and the DSP3+. I only sell equipment I use myself, include US cars, and can offer support in. This is why I am the largest seller in the US. I also provide hands on training worldwide.

USA Prog Standard Edition Smelecom Odometer Correction


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