Denso odometer adjustment tool for Toyota, Lexus, Kia, Hyundai vehicles


The SFTool is a Windows based programmer designed to access memory of Denso instrument clusters using factory testing port found on the back of circuit board in form of 3 to 5 soldering points (screenshot) in the row. Using convenient pogo-pin holder the programmer connects to the EEPROM and saves content to the .bin file. Built-in HEX editor highlights new mileage. Simply use Read/Write buttons to program new odometer reading. The programmer suitable for newbie and professionals. Regular updates keep your business competitors a way behind! 3-6 adjustment jobs will pay your investment back!
Software: Toyota, Lexus, Kia, Hyundai, Honda, Suzuki, Daewoo, Chevrolet
Set: Software, Programmer unit, Denso pogo-pin holder, two Female to Female dupont cables, one Male to Female dupont cable.
Development: This is authentic tool that was adopted to North America market. It is not a clone! All future updates will be provided with no termination for FREE.

The SFTool is a programmer designated for digital odometers programming on Denso produced instrument clusters. From the first productions to current date Denso speedometers have built-in testing interface port for the factory adjustment and calibration of instrument cluster. SFTool uses this port (3-5 soldering points) to access memory content and make changes according to customer's needs. Using this testing port makes the job easy and convenient: no needs to disassemble fragile and expensive cluster, remove and calibrate needles, leave fingerprints on faceplate. SFtool has built-in scripts to detect original mileage and programms new odometer reading within 15 seconds! Built-in HEX editor helps to save, write back to the cluster's memory or analyze read data.

The external 12v power up is required. Denso pogo-pin holder helps to connect programmer to the test port. Extra Female to Male cable is supplied if solreding to the test port points is needed. It is Windows based program, no software installation is required, the executable file loads application from any folder. Software provides detailed connection diagram.

The tool comes with Free updates that will be emailed to customers once become available. Ideal tool for professional instrument clusters repair shops, Miles to KM conversion businesses, mobile units and newbie.

Dec.22 2017 SFTool v1.34

   New SFTool comes with latest software. New updates will be emailed to customers free of charge.